Danish distributor upgrades the business and concludes cooperation with Norwegian agent

The Danish pan-Nordic distribution company, Playground, is teaming up with the Norwegian agent, END Agency. This is happening in a continued strategic expansion and conquest of the Nordic distribution market, where Playground is already well represented in a variety of product verticals in more than 1,000 Nordic retail doors.

In addition to the foundation on which Playground is built, the choice of this new collaborative agent has emphasized the ability to efficiently execute sales, a broad-based network and a company sharing the same values as Playground.

“Playground has roots in action sports and lifestyle, which is largely a fashion-oriented world. We therefore understand this environment really well in that we have lived in it ourselves for decades. It is therefore important for us to find a business partner who is driven by the same values as us, as well as motivated by running a successful customer-focused sell through that creates good results and relationships for all parties involved. We believe END Agency is that partner. It is therefore with pleasure and great expectations that we start an agent-based collaboration in Norway and Sweden with the Norwegians from End Agency”, says Anders Bjørndahl, CEO and Playground partner.

Tom Sunde, partner in the Norwegian End Agency, is also looking forward to the cooperation: “We are very pleased to enter this strategic partnership with Playground and the brands Zanerobe, Oh Dawn and Super by Retrosuperfuture. END Agency is growing rapidly in the Norwegian market and these brands complement our brand mix well and provide us with good prerequisites for growth in new segments. In addition, this will also manifest us as an agency in the Swedish market, which in the long run will be great for us.”

Playground has initially selected three of their fashion brands, which END Agency will be responsible for selling and branding in the Norwegian and Swedish markets.

The first brand, Zanerobe, is a raw authentic Australian clothing brand that delivers unmistakably fashionable street style who to a greater extend sets the trend more than follows it. With roots in surf and street life, Zanerobe is a fresh semi-sporty input to the fashion industry with tons of character and confidence.

The other brand, Oh Dawn, is a Danish fashion brand emanating from the surf environment with a love and faith to classics, chaos and clean lines all in one. Oh Dawn produces their collections in Portugal in organic cotton with focus on high quality and a desire to tell stories through their brand and products.

The third brand, Super by Retrosuperfuture, is an Italian optics- and sunglass brand. This brand really deliver innovative, high-quality design sunglasses with an exclusive grounded brand. By being up front, Super by Retrosuperfuture is hugely sought after by even the biggest stars like Rihanna, Beyoncé, A$AP Rocky, Kanye West and others.

Read more about Playground and the three brands on Playground’s website.

For more information about the cooperation between Playground and END Agency, please contact:

Thomas Striegler, PR & Communication Manager
E: tls@playgrounddistribution.com
T: +45 4272 3989