Komono activation at Distortion

Distortion is Europe’s biggest street party with more than 100.000 visitors. Every day. Four days in a row.

To Playground this is a must-do-brand activation and we will simply not avoid being present with our brands at Distortion. This year we took our optic and watch brand, Komono, to Distortion with a great plan in mind: Great brand awareness and sales.

It’s important to us, that everything we do, is done in the right environment, in the right tone of voice and with the right people. That’s why we choose to bring Komono to Distortion. It’s a contemporary fashionable young brand which is exactly what Distortion and the people attending the streetparty exudes.

We did a co-lab with the local coffeshop who year after year are present with a great DJ-setup with gigantic loudspeakers and a cool cocktail and rosé bar. In continuation of the bar we had placed our Komono sales booth setup with great branding and professional salesstaff. We also invited important influencers to come by the bar and Komono setup to communicate Komono in their respective channels. Obviously all barcrew, DJ’s and salesstaff wore Komono sunglasses.

Playground’s local mens fashion shop, Packyard, close to Kaffeplantagens setup and our Komono salesbooth, had the window display converted into a focused Komono visual, with branding and products to show a focused and well thought through message and concept from the Komono activation at the Distortion party to the Packyard shop.

More than 200.000 potential customers were exposed to our Komono branding at Distortion and more than 262.000 online social media followers could see their favorite influencers showing of Komono in a great way. In our book. That’s a win. That’s Playground.

1Packyard window komono IMG_5178
5crowd IMG_5556
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2kunder komono IMG_5399
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