New in! Rossignol Paddle Tennis Rackets

Paddle Tennis is the new sport to be. It appeared 30 years ago as a fun, social and pretty easy sport. It is not a very demanding sport physically and the entry level is for everyone at all levels of ambition. Paddle tennis courts are half the size of a tennis court and can be constructed far cheaper. This increases the possibilities that a great number of communities will adopt the paddle tennis sport to their local sports portfolio.

Rossignol F550 Paddle Tennis Racket
Picture shows the brand new top of the line Rossignol F550 Paddle Tennis Racket

Spain as #1

Today paddle tennis is huge in Spain. With around 3 million players it’s the number one country within the sport. Many other European countries like France, Italy and the U.K. are following this trend and Mike May, president of the United States Paddle Association says: “There is no reason paddle tennis shouldn’t be a great hit in the United States.“

Playground introduce Rossignol paddle tennis rackets to Denmark

The paddle tennis sport is growing and the interest builds up as well from on country to another. At Playground, we believe in this sport, seeing it as an interesting, fun and easy accessible sport, why we want to be part of expanding it to new regions. That is why Playground are happy to be able to introduce paddle tennis rackets from one of the best manufactures within sport equipment, Rossignol, to our local market in Denmark ultimo 2017.

High quality paddle tennis rackets with FIT

Rossignol’s paddle tennis rackets are ready for preorder October 2017 and will be delivered ultimo 2017. Rossignol’s great paddle tennis product range consist of 9 high quality paddle tennis rackets and relevant accessories.

All of Rossignol’s paddle tennis rackets are innovated from Rossignol’s new FIT concept that works from three different elements:

  • Weight
  • Inertia
  • Hardness

This concept gives Rossignol’s 9 various paddle tennis rackets some of the best and most fitted characters, making it easy for anyone at any level to find their new favorite Rossignol paddle tennis racket.

From skies to paddle tennis?

Rossignol keep on their more than 100-year-old tradition of manufacturing some of the best skies in the world. The interest and skill within sports and the capability of designing, innovating and manufacturing skies and belonging products are now being expanded to paddle tennis as a new additional sport of interest. Playground are looking forward to distributing and introduce these new high-quality Rossignol paddle tennis rackets to the Nordic market.


Please contact Playground’s brand manager of Rossignol for more info and sales:

Karsten Bank Klausen