At Playground we are serious about how we carry our brands and products while never forgetting to have fun while doing it. It is essential for us to always have a bearing line for what we do.

We deal with products in various verticals so it is important for us to have a well developed mission statement to lean on while doing business. In 2017, Playground are going hard on a whole new business vertical; Smart-home.

That is why we have developed a brand new mission statement exclusively for this portfolio, making sure we are always on track with what we do within the smart-home environment and business.

Enough talk, here it goes:

“Smart-home products should essentially help you out with everyday tasks and add value to your life. Playground’s smart-home portfolio does exactly that. Makes your everyday life easier and more fun, as well as creating value by being more than just a simple smart device. On every single smart-home brand and product that we distribute, we focus on ease of use, beautiful design and top security. That way we help our customers and partners bring value and great experiences to the end users.”

With the introduction of our new “Playground smart-home mission statement” we have formulated who we are and how we do business and deal with smart-home, so you know exactly just that as well.

We hope to soon invite you into the Playground to deal with great smart-home brands in the future.

Best Regards