Oh Dawn started as the world’s worst idea. An idea that, against all odds, was to do things yourself in a world that does not just stretch out a helping hand and drag you onto the road to success.

The founders of Oh Dawn are passionate surfers all the way to the march. They love to surf. Also in Denmark which neither has the highest amount of sunshine hours or big nice waves to surf.
One of the founders, Mathias, has a father who used to shape surfboards back in the 80’s. A cumbersome and poisonous job. So when Mathias asked his father to make his own surfboard, he quickly answered that it was the world’s worst idea. It did not stop Mathias.

As a distraction from Denmark’s impossible surfer weather and a love to make something cool himself with his own design and with his own hands, Mathias started Oh Dawn in 2011 with two companions. With a strong passion for surfing and the efficient channeling of good craftsmanship and clever business sense, Oh Dawn has transformed from itself from being the world’s worst idea on ​​paper to a worldwide success. In just six years. All of Oh Dawn’s collections are designed in Denmark and produced in Portugal in organic cotton in a high quality fabric and a unique design.

Based in Copenhagen, Oh Dawn thrive in the diversity between their concrete surroundings and the rawness and imperfection of the Scandinavian seascape.

With a peerless approach, Oh Dawn bring fine threads and hand cut sleds that aim to challenge the dull presumptions of surf and design.
Oh Dawn arises from the surf collective, Shredsled Society and believe in classics, chaos, clean lines and lots of high quality sweat.

A small band of craftsmen and creatives, Oh Dawn are hell bent on making quality goods that reflect this blend of opposites.

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