Playground ApS go hard on the smart-home market in the Nordic region

Smart home technology is moving apace into the Scandinavian’s lives and homes. It makes it possible to make morning coffee in the kitchen from the bed, unlock the front door for the cleaning help – even if you are not home and control lights and speaker sound at home directly from the smartphone.

Playground has always been a Nordic distributor who trade goods and products that add enjoyment and value to everyday life. It has for a long time meant to distribute the best ski and travel bags for your skiing holiday, quality headphones for jogging, premium streetwear for everyday life and innovative solar cells and battery packs for the hike. Now,
however, there has been a rush in the interest towards smart-home gadgets and appliances, so the joy of the Playgrounds products can create value indoors. And it is certainly a global trend. Anders Bjørndahl, CEO of Playground, says:

“It’s not exactly breaking news that technology is moving into our homes. We’ve seen it for a long time coming on, among other things on the CES trade show in Las Vegas in the recent years. We see a business opportunity in our Nordic market with smart-home technology, that we would like to identify and uncover with smart and innovative products, and technology have become so good and stable these days that we now really want to move on this vertical. Everyone has their smartphone within reach all the time, and it may as well be used to do practical things in life easier, as it can be used to check emails and do phone calls. With Smarter we add three more smart-home products for Playgrounds distribution portfolio; The Smarter iKettle 3rd gen., Smarter Coffee 2nd gen and the Smarter FridgeCam – all connected to Wi-Fi and smartphone for easy and intuitive operation. We go hard on the smart-home market in 2017, and will continue to make it our smart-mission to make the Scandinavian’s everyday lives easier, better and more enjoyable with quality smart-home products.”

Smarter is an award-winning London-based company who has been around since 2013 when they put the world’s first Wi-Fi kettle, the Smarter iKettle, on the market. Today they also offer the bean-to-cup Wi-Fi Smarter Coffee machine and Smarter FridgeCam.

Smarter is a fast-growing company who works with both the social, economic and environmental elements in its business. By the end of 2017 they aim to become a global connected platform that links you to your kitchen making grocery shopping and food waste a thing of the past. By that, Smarter offers value to customers, clever business strategy and a care for the environment.

Playground and Smarter have unintentionally got the same business strategy and approach to the market, and are ideal collaborators. This is stated by Christian Lane, Smarter CEO and founder, who says:
“We are excited to announce this partnership with Playground who will help us deliver our unique, smart, connected products throughout the Nordics. Playground have an exceptional reputation working alongside premium lifestyle and smart home technology brands. Along with that Smarter is the fastest-growing connected home company in the UK. We are the experts in creating stylish, seamless and convenient solutions to the everyday household, enhancing the kitchen with smart connected products. With this partnership, we take the next step in further establishing our connected home brand in the European market and we look forward to working with Playground in the future, sharing a mutual goal of providing smart appliances to everyday homes across the Nordic region.”

Playground distribute Smarter’s products throughout the Nordics e.g. in Elkjøb/Elgiganten.

Please contact Playground’s representatives for more info and sales:
Sales: Jonas Jacobsen – M: +45 5356 1681 / Email
PR: Thomas Striegler – M: +45 4272 3989 / Email

About Smarter

Smarter, an award-winning London-based company, is at the forefront of inventive solutions for a more connected life. Smarter’s product line includes the Smarter iKettle, the world’s first Wi-Fi kettle and the bean-to-cup Wi-Fi Smarter Coffee machine which are currently sold in over 1000 stores all over the UK and Europe. The recent launch of its latest product, Smarter FridgeCam, aims to not just save you money, time and energy but also eliminate food waste which is a growing problem in the household.