From the world’s worst idea to a worldwide success

The Danish clothing brand, Oh Dawn, are now being distributed by the Danish distribution company, Playground. A special passion and vision of energy between two companies are some of the reasons behind this new constellation.

Oh Dawn started as the world’s worst idea. An idea that, against all odds, was to do things yourself in a world that does not just stretch out a helping hand and drag you onto the road to success.

The founders of Oh Dawn are passionate surfers all the way to the march. They love to surf. Also in Denmark which neither has the highest amount of sunshine hours or big nice waves to surf.
One of the founders, Mathias, has a father who used to shape surfboards back in the 80’s. A cumbersome and poisonous job. So when Mathias asked his father to make his own surfboard, he quickly answered that it was the world’s worst idea. It did not stop Mathias.

A typical Oh Dawn Instagram post

As a distraction from Denmark’s impossible surfer weather and a love to make something cool himself with his own design and with his own hands, Mathias started Oh Dawn in 2011 with two companions. With a strong passion for surfing and the efficient channeling of good craftsmanship and clever business sense, Oh Dawn has transformed from itself from being the world’s worst idea on ​​paper to a worldwide success. In just six years. All of Oh Dawn’s collections are designed in Denmark and produced in Portugal in organic cotton in a high quality fabric and a unique design.

“Oh Dawn has expanded significantly in recent years. We are located in some of the best fashion and surf stores across most of Europe, the United States, Australia and Japan and there is still room for growth. We are seeing a clear interest in our brand, which we work to meet. This happens, among other things, by concluding some good potential collaborations on production, distribution and PR. Among other things, we have moved all of our production to Portugal with the producer RTG Group. This new distribution deal with Playground in the Nordic region is another step towards advancing our position and potential in the market”, says Tue Deleuran, Managing Director at Oh Dawn.

At Playground there are also great emphasis on good cooperation and common potential. Anders Bjørndahl, CEO & Partner in Playground, comments on the new distribution deal: “This brand makes so much sense for Playground to work together with. We know the special mood and passion that exists within the different worlds of action sports. Me and the rest of the Playground team have deep roots in various action sports and a personal experience from several seasons skiing in the alps and surfing the French west coast. We have channeled this passion into our Playground business. We know how sports and fashion are inseparable. It’s the same thing with the team behind Oh Dawn. There is a particular passion and synergy between Playground and Oh Dawn, which is important when we in Playground select new collaborators and brands. There should of course also be a potential for growing together on the market, which there is with Oh Dawn. We therefore look forward to working with this passionate Danish clothing brand and boosting its success in the Nordic region.

Playground has a large retail network across the Nordic region of both fashion and sports channels, to which Oh Dawn is to be presented and distributed. Emphasis is placed on finding retailers who match the Oh Dawn brand and can forward the brands values ​​and brand messages to end customers. Oh Dawn is a clothing brand with deep roots in surfing. That cannot be compromised and only the very right partners and ambassadors, who can be linked to the brand in a natural and qualitative manner, are selected.

Oh Dawn hands over all Nordic distribution to Playground from September 2017.

Contact CEO & Partner at Playground ApS
Anders Bjørndahl – T: 2623 5570

Playground Oh Dawn sales team in the Nordic region:

Anders Strøyer – T: 2299 3355

Thomas Hjorth – T: 4144 7776