Playground visits Copenhill with Christian Ingels at Amager Bakke

Last week Playground visited the amazing project, Copenhill or Amager Skibakke (skiing hill), on Amager incinerator facility. This incredible architectural prestige project is made by the world famous Danish architect, Bjarke Ingels.
Copenhill will be the first ever skiing hill on an incinerator facility when it opens up for business this upcoming 2018 spring.

One of Playground’s partners, Nikolaj Vang, has been advising on which artificial skiing carpet is the best to use in these conditions. Nikolaj Vang has won several Danish Championship Prizes in Freeskiing.

From left: Christian Ingels, Nikolaj Vang, Kristian Ussing, Anders Bjørndahl and Karsten Klausen

To show us Copenhill we had the pleasure of being guided around by no less than Christian Ingels, Bjarke Ingels’ cousin, who is in charge of all activities on the new amazing skiing hill in local Copenhagen. While being up 85 metres in the air on top of Copenhill, we discussed potential future business corporation between Playground, our various sports brands and Copenhill. An incredible view, interesting talk and dream project to be part of.

Playground are looking forward to following and participating in activities on Copenhill and advise everyone to go and experience this one of a kind skiing project in the middle of Copenhagen.