AirthingsAirthings manufactures the most accurate and user-friendly radon detectors, to secure a safe and healthy indoor climate.

Airthings was established in 2008 in Norway as a tech company that develops and manufactures products to identify and monitor indoor radon levels. Airthings’ mission is to ensure that people around the world can take control of their indoor air quality in a simple, affordable and accurate way with great solutions. Airthings is led by a team of engineers, experienced scientists and technology professionals who share the same common goal: to educate people about the commonness of radon radiation in households as well as develop accessible technology solutions to help safeguard people’s homes and keep them and their families healthy.

One of Airthing’s radon detectors for the common household is the Airthings Wave.

The Airthings Wave is a smart radon detector with quick and accurate results shown directly on a smartphone. Additionally, it simply works by waving in front of the device to get a visual indication of the indoor radon levels. The Airthings Wawe, as other Airthings products, fit and work in every home and show the first results of radon levels, as well as other air quality indicators, within a very short amount of time.

Airthings comes with a “dashboard” feature, where all collected data can be overviewed and analyzed to secure the right optimization of indoor air quality. Continuous monitoring of the indoor air quality is necessary to minimize potential health effects. The Airthings online dashboard provides a quick and easy solution to view, compare and export data for each user’s particular needs and secure a safe and healthy indoor climate.

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