Douchebags – Better journeys through smarter travel gear

Douchebags is a product with passion, heart and soul. Founded by notorious Swedish skier Jon Olsson and Norwegian product engineer Truls Brataas, Douchebags is a series of bags designed for people on the road who travel with a lot of gear.

Innovative production with Norwegian military

Prior to the production of The Hugger, The Big Bastard and The Douchebag, they have interviewed more than 150 skiers, snowboarders and surfers to find out what was most important to them in a travelling bag. Afterwards they set out to interview airline companies and luggage-handling crews in airports to determine what kind of luggage is the easiest to handle. On top of that came collaborations with the Norwegian military and The Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

All those things put together in a bag is the recipe on how to make a product that within its two first months on the market became totally sold-out.

Since the beginning in 2012 Douchebags has kept growing – both in the number of employees and in the number of products. Douchebags has its home in the mountains of Norway from where the company lives and breathes to create better travelling experiences through smarter bags and gear.

Today Douchebags is widely recognised and respected for delivering the best of the best in ski bags, travelling bags and backpacks.

Douchebags Hook-Up System campaign by Playground

Late 2018 Playground created a campaign with a focus on the unique and patented Hook-up System by Douchebags.

With a in-house video production campaign with a purpose to create awareness and pull in the Nordic market, we made several short brand movies and product videos of the whole portfolio.

Watch one of the videos from Playground’s Douchebags Hook-Up System campaign below:


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