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Zero apathy, zero boundaries, zero regrets. That’s the mantra at American tech-company Goal Zero. The company is passionate and always willing to take a risk. They never take no as an answer. Goal Zero find solutions and develop products people didn’t know they needed.

Goal Zero provides people with the worlds most innovative, rechargeable, transportable power products. All Goal Zeros products have been tested in some of the globes most remote places. Its Goal Zeros plan to keep deliver smart, innovative power solutions that will change the possibilities for going on adventure or just living your life.

Goal Zero is more than just a company. It’s an enterprise created by people sharing a passion for adventure, respect for the planet and with a heart for humanitarian work. Founded in 2009, Goal Zeros mission was to empower people to take control of their own life by giving them a reliable source of power. And in the following years Goal Zeros products continuously showed that they could help people out of poverty, and at the same time be relevant for others.

Impoverished people can use Goal Zeros products to create a possibility of income, while adventurers, photographers and others on a larger budget can sustain their online- and electronic life on the go. That’s how Goal Zero helps everyone to a better life.

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Nordic off-grid power campaign by Playground

The Goal Zero Yeti Lithium Power Stations have some unique features and obsolete quality to the market.

Playground have done a series of in-house video productions for a tailored “Off-grid power” campaign for the Nordic market. Watch the first one in the series right here:


Check out Goal Zero’s products on (Danish) Playground.dk

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