Koogeek smart-home IOT

Koogeek is a smart-home and CE producent aiming at high-quality life with health, comfort and convenience. All of Koogeek’s smart-home devices works with Apple Homekit. This means it is easy to control connected light bulbs and scenes with Siri voice commands directly in a safe and convenient way.

Koogeek builds up the “Smart Cloud System”, which includes intelligent management, health monitor, big data analysis, social network sharing, customized service, one-click shopping and more. This means clever products, clever development and great experiences for the end users.

With the various customer services and improvement elements, Koogeek always makes sure the under users have a fully functional product and perfect experience.

The Intelligent Management means, that users can connect or manage various Koogeek’s smart devices through the Koogeek ‘Smart Cloud System’.
With the Koogeek Health Monitor, users can instantly monitor health measurements from every smart device.
Koogeek uses big data analysis, based on users’ habits, behaviors and health data, to provide various services and to improve user’s health, eg. with health tips, exercise advices, nutrition facts and diet plans.

In Koogeek’s function, Social Network Sharing, Koogeek allows data sharing between users through social network medias, including communication on Facebook and Twitter.
The Customized Services means, that through the Big Data Analysis, Koogeek provides the best customized services, like a ”personal doctor” and ”life assistant” to make life better and less stressfull.

With just one click in the One-click Shopping, users can purchase their favorite smart-device or service.

Koogeek provides certified cutting-edge and creative 3C electronic gadgets for geeks, music lovers and audiophiles and are committed to establishing online & offline distribution networks and providing customers around the world with premium products and services.

If you like to retail this smart-home and CE brand in the Nordics, please get in contact with us at Playground by adresses provided on this website.

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