MEATER – The true wireless meat thermometer for your smart-home

Meater true wireless thermometerMEATER is essentially a truly wireless and Wi-Fi connected thermometer for cooking or grilling the best ever food for yourself and your guests.

Apption Labs is the company behind MEATER. It is an innovative technology start-up company, whos’s dedicated to develop smarter consumer products which are connected to the Internet and controlled by you through your smartphone and mobile devices.

Pushing hardware and software design Apption Labs are a innovative company that are focused on leveraging new cutting edge technology that solves real and concrete problems and challenges in your every day life. That’s done with smarter and connected products like MEATER.

Taking a look at the lifestyle problems of their own, Apption Labs are not building gadgets, they are building complete solutions that you want and that you need to use every day.

Apption Labs is a passion driven company that lives to get great results the right way. That’s obtained by focusing on problem solving, quick execution and responsibly, capturing all new opportunities to grow and constantly pursuit of forward progress.

The company was founded  in 2015 on January 2nd by 3 co-founders. They had a combined 30+ years of software and hardware engineering experience. And by also being close friends, the three founders often got together for a BBQ dinner, and after some bottles of wine and glasses of Scotch, they decided to take action. They didn’t want to stop waiting for someone else to solve them their problems, but take them into their own hands and do something about it. This mentality was and, still is today, the driving force of Apption Labs that allows positive thinking, progressive ideas and innovation which has lead to the amazing MEATER.

Some quotes on MEATER:

“One of the best things I’ve ever been sent. And I am jaded as hell, so that is considerable praise

This smart thermometer changed the way I grill

No guesswork, no burning, no effort and no wires – the MEATER Probe is a no-brainer


Apption Labs has its headquarter in Leicester, United Kingdom as well as offices in Los Angeles, CA, USA and Hsinchu, Taiwan. The multi-continental background works as a great advantage to both reach a global market for the products as well as allow to gather feedback and insight from various people of different cultures. This helps shape, develop and build products with just the right functionalities and features. The product inspirations are truly from own experiences and most importantly, from the actual people who need them in their everyday lifes.

As the consumer market transitions into the Internet of Everything, Apption Labs is leading the way and this space by offering truly unique and innovative products with real world applications and solutions to everyday problems. Apption Labs believe that true innovation does not come without taking substantial risks and challenges. That’s why Apption Labs’ company mission is to face those obstacles head-on and deliver first-to-market products engineered with laser focus.

Playground distribute MEATER in the Nordic region.

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