MIYO smart-garden solution for a concern free and flourish garden

Most of our gardens are kind of old fashioned really. And being old fashioned and absent of innovative solutions, makes it more difficult to cope with a lot of various and changing situations such as our climate expose our lifes and our gardens to. Extended downpours in spring, long periods of dry weather in summer with tons of sunshine but no humidity.

The weather is becoming more and more difficult to forecast why its harder to keep a healthy balance in our gardens between too much and too little water for out trees, bushes, plants, flowers and what not. These concerns are outdated with MIYO!

Watering the garden while its pouring down outside? Sprinklers are on when the ground is already moist?
Thats actually a bit too much, just because your installed watering system is programmed that way, right?

The unique algorithm in MIYO will get the exact amount of water to your garden at the exact right moment, and only if it’s actually needed. To make sure of this, MIYO considers each individual need of your plants and combines them with the upcoming and daily weather forecast.

When your’e thinking in energy consumption, your’e also thinking that “being green” is getting more and more important to us. That’s why MIYO is not directly dependent on your normal power supply from the house. No, MIYO instead uses the precious and already present sun light to irrigate and take care of your plantlets. So a plus with MIYO is, that you are not producing any battery garbage. One reason: we want to make sure, that your garden stays fully green!

Our intelligent system for watering your garden, enables all you garden enthusiast out there to water the vegetation in your garden to their each unique requirements. And that’s of course in a  inexpensively and sustainably way, at any time, place and manner. The design and quality of the components in MIYO is therefor a top priority of ours.

The MIYO system of course works with IFTTT (If This Then That) and can easily be controlled and scheduled from your smartphone through the App on Android and iPhones and even has the open Home Automation Bus (openHAB). openHAB is a Java-based software solution enabling manufacturer- and protocol-neutral integration of building automation components, within just a single platform.

To this day, Smart Home technology has stopped at the four walls of your house. Not anymore. MIYO are bringing Smart Home and Internet of Things (IoT) outside the home and into the garden. And there’s even no technical expertise required fro your end to take part. MIYO is an easy understandable ready-to-go-system that you’ll have up and running in no time with just a few clicks. MIYO transform the difficulties of dynamic garden irrigation from a comprehensive challenge to child’s play. So with MIYO setup in your garden you can simply kick back and enjoy your garden to the fullest.

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