Taikan fanny bags

Fanny bags is a highly popular little bag, that allows you to carry your most valuable things and personal items, in a safe way close to you.

Playground distribute Taikan’s products in the European Union.

Taikan concept

Taikan was conceived with a desire inspired by purpose driven products, with emphasis on aspirational silhouettes.

Taikan bring the sensibility of timeless design, to outfit consumers in a classic rooted style, with the aesthetics of tomorrow.

Daily practices like work, travel, and play are how Taikan identify the passages to either divide us or unite us all as one.




Based in Vancouver, Taikan is a group of creatives with a purpose of creating desirable, quality bags that are attainable for mostly everyone.

Connotation – how to say “Taikan”?

“Taken”. That’s how you pronounce the brand. “Taken” means “to carry or bring with one”. That’s it. Everything, is open to your own interpretation. This journey continuous as Taikan will continue to define that “everything”.

Taikan core values

Taikan believe that today’s market is missing a focus on simplicity and functionality. That’s why Taikan’s products combine clean design with a high quality that’s usually only found in upscale, high fashion brands.

In the end, Taikan follows a simple and classic design theory: “less is more” – and aesthetics will always come to mirror what’s current in premium goods.

Taikan’s designs are tastefully minimal but the message is loud and global.


See Taikan’s product’s (Danish) at Packyard.dk


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