Timex Archive watches

Time Archive PlaygroundTimex Archive is a creative project that arises from the original Timex company, which have been doing quality timekeeping since 1854.

Timex’s roots date back to 1854 in Waterbury, Connecticut on the east coast of USA. 1854 was a time when how you made something was just as important as what you made.

The archive project – new stories are beginning

The Timex Archive project represents more than 160 years of watchmaking expertise and innovation history. It all began with a group of craftsmen and artisans in the New England town of Waterbury, Connecticut. This group created something that ultimately would become synonymous with time itself and push timekeeping from the mantelpiece to the pocket and on to the wrist. The scrappy and small clock company in Waterbury was the beginning of a new American icon: Timex.


The Timex Archive collection honors and celebrates those pioneering craftsmen. Inspired by Timex’s heritage, The Timex Archive capsule collection presents a whole new generation of timeless watches for yet a new generation of pioneers.

Exploring Timex Archive

Timex Archive present a watch for every occasion. Create your own watch, with The Mix Line, that invites you to playfully mix your favorite Timex Archive case with your favorite Timex Arhice strap. There is a freshly recounted story with each paired strap. With Timex Archive Collection, you can choose between a great selection of exclusive watches solely designed for the current season.

The Timex Archive straps

The Timex Archive straps are mechanically created in Italy. Woven with unique Timex structures for refined style and extra durability. By manufacturing and research know-how, Timex have been able to develop stone-washed processes and innovative yarn dying treatments. This ensure Timex’ original finishes with the quality and expression expected from an artisan.


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