Walabot DIY, the 3D Imaging Tool That Gives Consumers ‘Superman-Vision’ to see through walls

Walabot DIY is a new advanced multifunction wall scanner that is incredibly easy to use. Walabot DIY simply enable users to see what’s inside the wall, to avoid do-it-yourself drill crashes and will take private users renovation projects to the next level.

Walabot DIY is created especially for home renovators and DIY enthusiasts and gives users ‘Superman-vision’ to see up to 10 centimeters into drywall, cement, and other materials and makes it easy to find and determine the location of wood gears, power cables, metal skeletons, plastic drain pipes etc. thus avoiding drilling into something that should not be drilled into.


Three smart modes

Walabot DIY uses radio frequency (RF) technology that allows for highly advanced search functions. Walabot DIY measures up to 10 cm depth and gives a visual image of the interior of the wall in three different modes:

  • Pan Mode

Displays a panoramic image of objects inside the wall of the entire scanned wall – including targets on the scanned area

  • Image Mode

Uses radio frequency technology to provide a visual classification of different objects inside the wall such as metal, wood, pipes, cables etc.

  • Expert mode

Displays a raw unfiltered radio frequency image of the interior of the wall showing objects location, curves and bends on pipes and cables, the collection of two objects, real-time motion, etc.

Easy to get started

Walabot DIY is an innovative tool that is clicked on the back of a smartphone (Android smartphones only) and paired up with the WALABOT app. In a matter of minutes, information from inside the wall is available, making it easy to avoid small and large boreholes for decisive disasters such as water damage or major power outage.

Walabot DIY can be used by both professional contractors, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, etc. to the amateur DIY handyman, who wants real-time visual images of what’s hiding inside the wall.

Walabot works with most Android smartphones with Android 5.0 software, or above, with USB On-The-Go (USB OTG).

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